Lakeltico Media Has Moved (and Has a New Name)

Tony SingingEagle, at your service. That is also the new name of my company - Tony SingingEagle (.com). Until now, Lakeltico Media has been centered on only one aspect of media production, here in the Sacramento area - Video Production. However, as an artist of several disciplines, my background is in more than just video. And, since I started gaining clients in all of these areas (music, video, web design, and photography), I recently made the decision to offer all of these artistic services under a new name - my own name, in fact. (A nice side effect - this name is much easier to remember and to pronounce. I'm fairy certain not one person ever got it right on the first try.

So the company is being marketed now as Tony SingingEagle (.com). I offer professional media services in music writing, direction, and production; video production for small and large businesses, arts & entertainment; web design, development, and maintenance; and still photography. So if you were looking for Lakeltico Media, you found it. But the new website has it all under one roof. Please visit my new site, and have a look around.